25 July 2010

all the lovers

i will take myself
higher higher higher...

It's all I wanna do
So won't you
I'm standing here with you
Why won't you move
I'll get inside your groove
'Cause I'm on fire fire fire fire

It hurts
When you get too close
But baby it hurts
If love is really good
You just want more
Even if it throws you to the fire fire fire fire

All the lovers
That have gone before
They don't compare to you
Don't be frightened
Just give me a little bit more
They don't compare
All the lovers

Can't you see there's so much here to feel
Deep inside in your heart
You know I'm real
Can't you see that this is getting higher higher higher higher

I know you find it hard
But baby breathe
You'll be next to me
Its all you need
And i'll take you there
I'll take you higher higher higher higher

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